Karen Hendrickx

« Sketches of Emotion »


Peinture / Performance 


Karen est une artiste visuelle qui vit à Anvers. Diplômée de l’institut Sint Maria d’Anvers, elle a continué à suivre différentes formations pour affiner son style. En 2017, elle commence une série de dessins et de peinture autour de la danse et du mouvement qu’elle développe au sein de l’Art Campus De Singel d’Anvers. Une occasion pour elle de partager avec des danseurs l’émotion de la créativité. En ce moment, elle collabore avec la compagnie de danse  liégeoise JC Choreography sur la performance Sketches of Emotion.

Découvrez  les oeuvres confinées de Karen rue des Éperonniers -1000 Bruxelles 


This drawings are made for the video Sketches of Emotion which I created together with JC Choreography for the online edition of 'Dag van de Dans' on the 25th of April 2020 in Antwerp/Belgium. We should have had our first try-out on that day but, due to Covid-19 crisis, the festival had to be cancelled. However, they managed to create an online platform for which we decided to make a video linked to our future performance. 

Therefore, we tried to be creative during the lockdown and created the video ‘Sketches of Emotion' by working independently because of the quarantine. Both dancers had to create a choreography in their living room and record it
outside, which resulted in two separated dance pieces. Then I went to my atelier and started to make drawings in relation to the recordings of the dancers and their movements; these drawings are quick sketches, made in a few seconds. Rather than displaying an exact image, I attempted to capture both the emotions and the movements emerging from the dancers. 

At the end of this process, we handed the different materials to the video artist Ilke De Vries, who integrated the drawings into the movie and with whom we elaborated the composition. The intention was mainly to achieve a result in which the sketches enter a game with the dancers. In these uncertain times, the best we could do was to work apart but in a collaborative way.